Basketball Tips for Beginners

This page will show you helpful basketball tips that beginners can use to raise their game.  Apply these tips and become a better basketball player today!

So you love playing basketball?  Hopefully, basketball loves you back.  It's a sad fact that not everyone who loves basketball is gifted with skills that can help them become a great player.  Unfortunately, a lot of these players give up.  What they didn't know is they can actually improve their game so basketball will love them back.

It's just a matter of training hard for it.  You have to realize the fact that everyone, even Michael Jordan and LeBron James, started on the same boat that you're in right now.  We all start with zero skills.  The main difference is they have the dedication and passion to improve their skills.

This page will provide you with helpful basketball tips that you can apply starting today.  Follow them strictly and expect to be a great player soon.

Train to Jump Higher

The earlier that you can start, the better.  You can follow a jump higher program today and pack explosives in your legs.  Having a high vertical leap is a great start before you train your other skills.  Can you imagine how effective your layups will be if you have a 40 inch vertical?  Not to mention, you can sky high for dunks and not a lot of beginners can say that.

In addition, you can use your high vertical leap later on as you develop your defense.  With a 40 inch vertical, you can easily sky high for the rebound and you can easily defend the paint with blocks.

This training can also help you run faster which is very important in basketball.  

Develop your Stamina

Basketball is a 48 minute marathon.  There's no point in playing good for 36 minutes only to sputter in the end.  Besides, good stamina can help you with your training.  There's no point as well in training if you don't have the stamina for it.  If you have the stamina, you can train for hours and not get tired.  You can learn more that way.

Develop Discipline

A lot of players with great potential don't make it because of lack of discipline.  It will be good if you can avoid vices like drinking and smoking because they can slow you down.  Discipline will also help you with training.  If you don't have the discipline, you will just skip training and that's not good for your development.

Look for Inspiration

There will be tough times and you will be tested.  This is why you need to have inspiration that can help you continue.  For example, a lot of budding players look up to successful NBA players.  You may want to get into the habit of watching a dunk video a day because that can serve as an inspiration to show you what hard training can do.

Be patient

There is no shortcut to greatness.  Be patient and your time will come.  Just continue doing your own thing by training hard everyday.  Play the game that you love.  If you follow these basketball tips, you will see improvements every day.  Keep it up and you will become a great player someday.